We use these in our sessions.
I am Infinite, I am spaceless, I am tireless.
I am beyond body, thought and utterance.
Beyond all matter and mind,
I am endless bliss.
I am submerged in eternal Light.
It permeates every particle of my being.
I am living in that Light.
The Divine Spirit fills me within and without.
Teach me to think of Thee, until Thou dost become my only thought.
I relax and cast aside all mental burdens, allowing You to express through me, your perfect love, peace, and wisdom.
Teach me to behold Thy face in the mirror of my stillness within.
Heavenly Spirit, bless me that I may easily find happiness instead of becoming worried at every test and difficulty.
I behold wisdom in ignorance, joy in sorrow, health in weakness; for I know that God’s perfection is the only reality.
Teach me to worship Thee, on the altar of stillness within, and on the altar of activity without.